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Photographers attending the UKWP Leeds Bridal Shoot 2011 should complete this agreement

Please read this agreement in full.  It is for the photographers attending Leeds Photocamp on 29/30th Sept 2012.  When finished, you can signify your agreement by entering your details below.  This is so that all sides know what to expect in terms of the product delivered and what may be done and not done with it.

Photographers Release of High Resolution Digital Files to models and business partners for the Leeds Photocamp 2012.

I, as a photographer, am taking part in Leeds Photocamp and willingly agree to the following expectations of our partners who include those businesses, models, hair dressers and make up artists who have freely given their time, talents, premises and property to enable the event to proceed. I intend to provide a quality service and product to our partners in recognition of their various commitments to the event.

I acknowledge the fact that the models, hair/MUA’s and other suppliers desire photographs for their own portfolios or websites and will endeavour to supply any special requests and consider poses suggested by models.

I will provide high resolution digital files of professional quality in the quantities that may reasonably be expected and in a timely manner.
- Reasonable is defined as 5+ images for each session where a model was photographed by me, covering a variety of models and locations.
- High resolution is defined as a minimum of 2400 pixels on the long side at 300dpi compressed to between 90% and 100%. This is to enable upload and download times to be minimised if I prefer. If I provide, for example, 2400 pixel versions then the full resolution files will be retained for a period of 2 months to enable any partner to request a particular file that they need for printing at a very large size.

The high resolution files will not be watermarked, however, files that are uploaded to Flickr or Facebook may be watermarked discreetly. Discreetly meaning the watermark will be along an edge, not across the middle.
The high resolution files may be delivered via digital downloads from Flickr or online galleries; or via CD.

I will make the digital files available to the partners by 30th October at the latest. If I receive a request from any partner for a full resolution file I will email it to them or provide it by digital download or CD within 7 working days, so long as the request is made within 2 months of my having delivered the 2400 pixel version.

If, at any point in the future, a photograph containing a model is purchased for any reason, eg as an illustration in a book or from my stock library, I will endeavour to contact the model involved and offer to pay them 50% of my net profit from the sale. If more than one partner is owed money, eg. a close up photograph showing the model’s face and her bouquet of flowers; then the available 50% share of my net profit may be split between the partners involved.

I assert that no partner in the Leeds Photocamp may sell my photographs for direct financial gain, eg to a stock library or for use by any other company or charity without my written permission.

No partner may represent my work as their own; I should be credited appropriately when my work is used online or in print.

No partner may re-edit my photographs in a way that I find displeasing or distasteful, for example by adding vignettes, selective colour, or general “Phobar” (Photoshopped beyond all recognition). Cropping, re-sizing and conversion to black & white are acceptable.

I accept that all partners have the right to use my images for the following purposes:
Modelling portfolios or displays online or offline
Websites, brochures or advertising for their own business

In addition, I give permission for the charities involved, (if applicable) to use my photographs as a means of charity fundraising if desired. Examples of appropriate use being the creation of mouse mats, postcards, mugs, prints and poster sales.

I will endeavour to create additional SEO for the partners by correctly tagging and linking to their websites, when appropriate, from my own website, blog and Flickr links.

Additional note:
When in the churches, or on church property, I understand that I should pose the models as though they were real brides, with no risqué shots or shots that would be considered distasteful or disrespectful by the Reverends.
Name and Company Name (if different):

Email Address:
Phone Number:
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To signify your agreement to these Photocamp terms, enter your details above, then submit the form.