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Online contract agreement for booking wedding photography with Ollievision Photography

Please call me on 0787 292 4103 or email me to discuss any options or if you have any queries.  Please note that the booking becomes active when the contract has been signed AND the agreed deposit has been paid.

Details such as the exact services required can be agreed at a later date, services are listed here as a guide to what is available.  To proceed with a booking please check your wedding date is available, sign the form below and arrange to pay your booking fee.  Thankyou.


Wedding Photography Agreement


Ollievision Photography &


Bride’s name________________________  Groom’s name______________________



Home phone____________________________________________________________

Mobile phone___________________________________________________________



Date/day of wedding & start time of service______________________________________

Wedding venue__________________________________________________________

Reception Venue_________________________________________________________

Travelling time/distance between wedding & reception_________________________

Number of hours coverage required__________

Number of photographers required__________


Services available – please select

  • One photographer to bride’s home prior to wedding departure
  • One photographer at venue
  • Classical type wedding photographs & posed groups
  • Reportage style coverage
  • Fine art/ shoot for canvas
  • Evening “entertainment” - photo booth, dressing up, portraits & fun for the guests.
  • More extensive editing for facial portraits (charged at £5 per face, per photo)

Your responsibilities:

  1. ESSENTIAL - You must inform Ollievision in writing of any potential problems with the date of the wedding or any changes to venues where you expect photographs to be taken.  Any changes to rooms or venues that occur after the pre-wedding site visit may be important to us.
  2. We advise that you appoint us a dedicated usher who is familiar with the wedding guests.  This will speed up the gathering of people for group photos and help ensure the correct people are being photographed.
  3. We advise that you prepare a list of desired group & couple photos that you require and email this to us at least one week prior to the wedding. This list should also be given to our dedicated usher by you on the wedding day.
  4. Whilst we will do our best to work quickly through the group photos, you should consider the time these will take.  Extended outdoor sessions may be problematic in very hot, cold, rainy or windy conditions.
  5. ESSENTIAL - If you appoint any other professional or amateur photographer or videographer to cover the event we need to know this in advance and be introduced to them at the start of the event. 
  6. If you follow the verbal instructions of any other photographer during the event, we will not be held responsible for photo opportunities lost.  Eg. Bride throws flowers on command of a friend, without the instruction of Ollievision.
  7. ESSENTIAL – Please inform the parents of any children attending the wedding that children should not run around us and must keep away from our equipment, which may be worth up to £10,000. We reserve the right to charge guests for damage caused by lack of supervision, carelessness or negligence. 
  8. To adhere to the agreed payment schedule.
  9. We aim to be tactful and considerate towards your guests, so please do inform us of any circumstances affecting the wedding party, eg recent bereavements or hospitalisations.
  10. It is agreed that Ollievision Photography will be the exclusive commercial photographer providing still prints for or at this event. Others may take photographs or record video as long as they do not interfere with the duties of the Photographer or her staff. Other photographers, paid or unpaid, who attempt to photograph or record the same poses or scenes during the same time period as the Photographer may detract from the quality of the studio’s images, and may be cause for the Photographer to cease work until such interference ends. For this reason we request guests to wait until after the formal portraits are completed before taking their own photos. The Photographer will not be responsible for time or images missed as a result of such interference. Ollievision reserve the right to prohibit guest photography during formal photography times if guest photography interferes with formal photographs. 

Payment of fees

The fee we have agreed is ____________________


The payment schedule is:

  • 50% At time of booking to secure the date (NB. This will not normally be refundable, however we will consider genuine circumstances.  Changing the date of the wedding will be possible without charge, given enough notice, as long as the new date does not clash with an existing booking)
  • 50% One calendar month before the wedding.


We aim to:

  • Be friendly and approachable.
  • Get to know you before the wedding using Facebook, a venue visit and phone calls as necessary.
  • Take time to understand your wishes and aspirations for how your photos should look.
  • Add to the fun and joy of your very special day.
  • Communicate directly with the minister and/or venue regarding venue limitations and rules on the use of flash.
  • Be flexible (within reason) on the day of the wedding and to adapt, particularly to any unforeseen circumstances, that may arise.
  • Upload a small number of photographs to Facebook and/or Flickr within 48 hours of the event, if desired.
  • Upload a larger selection of photographs to an online gallery within 14 days from where your guests may view the photos and order prints. 
  • Be able to deliver a DVD or CD of your main wedding photos approx 2 weeks after the event, consisting of most of the photographs taken.
  • Retain digital copies of your photographs for many years in case your own copies are lost or damaged.


If you have purchased digital images you may:

  • Distribute the watermarked photos by email or Facebook tagging.
  • Use the watermarked photos as your Facebook profile pictures.
  • Print the photos as desired.
  • Copy the DVD and give it to friends.
  • Edit the photos using Photoshop or change their format, eg to black & white.

You may not:

  • Upload to Flickr, Webshots or other online storage where our work may be mistaken for that of others.
  • Sell the photographs or copies of the DVD.
  • Enter the photographs into competitions.


The photographs must retain their digital tagging identifying © Ollievision as the copyright owner and originator of the work. 

When the photos are posted online or in print (eg a newspaper/magazine) they must be marked © Ollievision Photography.


Print ordering

This may be done via our online gallery by yourselves and/or guests as required.  Of course, you are free to print photos from the DVD anywhere you choose, however, we can’t be held responsible for problems with quality or colour matching if alternative providers are used.


Please note:

The behaviour of guests may at time cause problems for wedding photographers and, in turn, affect the photographs delivered to you.  Behaviour such as jumping in front of the photographer at critical moments, eg “the kiss” or walking down the aisle, is widespread.  We will try to minimise this kind of disruption, however, at times we will be completely unable to remedy it if the guest is determined to “get their shot”.  If you have any friends or relatives who may disturb your wedding photography in this way, please alert us in advance. 

“Halfway through the ceremony a guest with a camera shows up at the front... he was all over the stand, showing the couple pics on his camera DURING the ceremony and in your face. Very disruptive.
I get all posed and ready up front for the kiss, and he literally pops out of nowhere like a ninja right in front at the exact moment of the kiss. I said out loud, "Are you kidding me?" He then looked at me and just shrugged.”

a Wedding photographer


Illness: In the event of illness we reserve the right to substitute a photographer and every effort will be made to achieve this.  Any replacement will be properly experienced and equipped and we will have pre-vetted their previous work if at all possible.  You will be informed of this immediately if applicable.

If you have booked a second photographer then in the event of one of our photographers being injured or becoming ill during the event, we reserve the right to continue with one photographer.


Failure to Perform: If Ollievision cannot perform this agreement due to fire, casualty, strike, or other civil disturbances. Acts of God, including but not limited to road closures, severe traffic, fire, terrorism, or other causes beyond both parties control, or due to Ollievision's illness, then Ollievision shall return any money paid by the client, less expenses, but shall have no further liability with respect to the agreement. The limitation of liability shall also apply in the event that photographs are damaged in processing, loss through camera malfunction, compact flash card malfunction, or otherwise lost or damaged without fault on the part of Ollievision.

Your Name:
Email Address:
Phone Number:

To signify your agreement to these contract terms, enter your details above, then submit the form.